Giving It a Chance

Some of my favorite places to visit are small, picturesque little towns. When I think of these towns I often think of Franklin, Tennessee; a city just outside of Nashville. If you’ve never been, I suggest you stop by the next time you’re in Nashville. Even though I’ve only been once, about a year ago, I completely fell in love with the area and tell people about it any chance I get.

I mention this because I have recently been spending a lot of time, due to work, in a little town 30 minutes outside of my hometown in Nevada. I must admit, I was less than thrilled to be spending so much time there. I didn’t regard the area highly and didn’t really care to be spending so much of my time there. However, thanks to some locals who suggested places to eat, I slowly realized that there was a lot more to this town than I originally gave it credit for.

They call it a city, but it feels more like a town. It is old and full of history with a lot of the buildings dating back to the late 1800s. Much of the area has remained true to its roots and highlights the states old history with plenty of museums, art galleries and old antique shops that also make it the perfect place to spend a Saturday morning wandering.  The town may be small, but there are a lot of really neat places downtown that will make it feel like you’re stepping into an old mining town and keep you interested for hours. There’s definitely more to it than meets the eye.

By slowly exploring the area, I realized that I judged it based not on the area itself, but on my feelings of having to spend more time there than I wanted. This realization reminded me that adventure can be found anywhere if you are open to the possibilities and that we should not judge areas prior to having our own experiences. We should approach everything with as little biases as possible to have the best experience possible. It reinforced the notion that I don’t need to travel far to find a new favorite place and reminded me the importance of keeping an open mind. A lesson I was happy to be reminded about.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Harris on Unsplash

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