Don’t Overlook Your Hometown

When people visit your hometown and ask, ‘what is there to do?’, what do you say? Often, I find it hard to think of where I should suggest they go. I have my favorite places, but is that really where I should recommend someone go if they only have 48 hours to get a sense of Reno?  Should they visit the must-see places or should I suggest a hole in the wall place that is only known to locals?

When we’ve spent most of our time in a single place, it’s easy to forget what that might look like for someone who is visiting a city for the first time. The novelty and sense of wonder have faded from our eyes and the beautiful scenery that once awed us has now become as routine as everything else.

If there’s one thing I’ve realized is you don’t have to leave your hometown to discover a new place. Adventure can be had right at home. Why is it that we are willing to try to get lost and try new places when we are in a city that is unfamiliar to us? Is it because everything is new and we haven’t discovered our favorite spots yet? Or is it because we’ve done our research and this place is on every blogger’s list?

Why not use the same mentality to explore other parts of your city you may not know? You can wander about a part of town you don’t spend much time in and explore the restaurants and shops nearby. Or check out sites like Yelp and local food bloggers to find your next must try restaurant.

There is no reason why adventure and exploring should be left to places we’ve never been. If we’re willing to try new things when we are traveling, then why not apply the same mentality back home? It’s not the new places that create incredible adventures, but our willingness to try new things that leads to great memories.

You truly never know what you are going to discover and that’s half the fun.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for reading!


Photo credit: Luo ping on Unsplash

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