Why You Should Always Pack an Extra Bag

One of the most significant considerations when planning a trip is packing. Are you going to backpack? Travel with full-size luggage? Or maybe try to make it work with just a carry-on? The choice you make is going to impact how and what you choose to pack. Personally, I’ve traveled all three ways and find that there are different advantages to each. Whichever option works best will likely depend on the type of trip you are taking. However, regardless of which you choose, be sure to include an extra bag.

Every time I travel, regardless of the luggage size I’ve taken with me, I always seem to have way more to bring back than when I got there. In the past, this has meant checking in my travel backpack, which I used to travel all over Asia with, because it was too heavy to be considered a carry-on. I have also had to purchase an additional duffel back at the airport because my full-size luggage was too heavy to be checked in. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s the importance of packing an extra bag.

My favorite is a foldable travel duffel bag. A foldable travel bag is easy to carry, lightweight and compact enough that it won’t take up any additional space. There are many different sizes you can pick from, from a tote to a duffel bag depending on how much extra room you want.

I like using something like the Gonex 60L Foldable Travel Duffel Bag. It is a duffel bag which means I can either check it in or take it with me as a carry one. Even if I don’t end up using it, it is the size of an iPad so it doesn’t take up extra room and I don’t lose anything if I don’t end up using it. It can hold up to 60L which is more than enough for me.

When I am backpacking, I like to also bring a travel backpack like the Stowaway 30L Packable Pack by Eddie Bauer. I like to use it as my day bag since it is compact and lightweight and it allows me to leave my large 55L travel backpack in the hostel. I’ve also used it as my personal item on planes when I’ve chosen to check in my much larger backpack.

Regardless of where I’m headed, I always make sure to bring an extra bag because it’s much easier to have one handy than to have to search for one at the airport and be stuck with a bag you may never use again.

Please leave your comments and thoughts below. Thanks for reading!


Photo Credit: Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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