The Five-Minute Rescue

One of my main priorities this year has been trying to simplify. The idea of simplifying your life sounds daunting. Whether it’s bad relationships or literally too much stuff, trying to find the right way to approach it can be difficult.

The five-minute rescue is a technique that allows you to break down a project into much smaller, manageable parts by allowing you to shrink the change.

You set a timer for five minutes and start cleaning or tackle a task that you have been dreading. Often the jobs we are dreading are tasks that, individually, are easy to do but when compiled to meet a large goal can seem like a big challenge.   The five-minute rescue technique breaks large tasks down into small manageable goals; but more importantly, gives you the push to get started. Getting started is often the most challenging part. Five minutes will not only give you a deadline to look forward to but will make the decluttering manageable. To add to the benefit, the amount of cleaning or decluttering you do in those five minutes will likely motivate you to find five more minutes to allocate to this task.

To further motivate yourself, it is suggested that you use those five minutes to tackle a task that can be completed in a short amount of time or select small chores that help accomplish an overall goal. Small wins will get you fired up to work towards that bigger goal.

For me, I have found that both limiting tasks to five minutes and beginning with smaller tasks has been the most helpful when trying to declutter and simplify. I have recently started working on decluttering and am beginning with my bedroom. A task I find overwhelming just thinking about it. I am trying to organize and get rid of everything I no longer use or need.

My first approach has been to clean out my makeup. I started with my makeup because it was easy and manageable.  I was able to do it in about 20 minutes and the satisfaction of having it done motivated me to move on to another task. I have found this approach to be the easiest since it is concrete and easily achievable. My next area of focus has been to toss out shoes I no longer need. A task that took more time but was easier to do than trying to clean out my entire closet at once.

As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to simplify my life overall so I am trying to use the same approach to clean out other items such as my phone and old books. Ideally, this will translate to other parts of my life… five minutes at a time.

Are there techniques you use to help you become more organized? I would love to hear them!

Please leave your comments and feedback below. Thanks for reading!


Photo Credit: Jess Watters on Unsplash

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