Traveling at 25: What It Looks Like Now

Reminiscing about my first big travel and the adventures I’ve had with family has got me thinking about why and how I travel now and what traveling means to me as a twenty-five-year-old grad student.

Traveling for me at this point in my life is about visiting new cultures and expanding my world view. I want to travel the world so that I can get outside of my bubble and learn from other people and other cultures.

Nothing expands your world view like traveling does.

I think as you get older you begin to value experiences and people over materialistic items. You get a little less hung up on taking pictures for the ‘gram and begin to enjoy the time spent in a city with people you love or meeting new people who bring a new perspective into your life.

For me, traveling has made me a more aware individual. I am learning about the rest of the world which in turn has made me a better person. I find that I am more understanding and open to cultures that are different from my own. In fact, I find myself searching for other cultures to immerse myself in because my world expands every time I do. I have new favorite places and new favorite foods and the list just continues to grow.

Traveling has also made me appreciate my own culture and up bringing more. Growing up, I often struggled between the American culture I was being inadvertently raised in and the Mexican culture my parents were raising us in at home. Traveling has taught me to love both of my cultures and take the best of both worlds. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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Photo Credit: Nils Nedel on Unsplash

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