Traveling can be expensive. Even if you choose to travel in a more ‘budget friendly manner’ there is no getting around the fact that you have to save and prepare for a trip. In my last blog, SFO to MEX, I talk about being open to traveling in sometimes unconventional times. In order to do so, we have to be at least somewhat financially prepared. So, how do you plan for a trip you may not know is coming? My go – to method is an app called Digit.

Digit is an app that links to your bank account and saves money for you by analyzing your transactions and finding money that you can “safely set aside,” in other words, money you would probably spend on coffee (or your money drainer).  How the app saves is dependent on your spending habits but also allows you to customize it by determining how aggressively you want to save. The app also lets you set goals by determining what you want to save for and in what time frame. They will also text you with updates and let you request different transactions by merely sending an emoji.

I began using Digit back when it was still free; Specifically, October of 2015. In the two and a half years I have had it, I have saved around $3,000 and have used that money for both emergencies and trips. I honestly don’t know where Digit found that money. The transfers were so minimal that I not only didn’t notice they were happening but was shocked to find it had grown to that size.

I most recently used the money I saved to fund my trip to Asia. I went to Singapore to participate in the Nevada Global Business program at UNR and had to pay for tuition and the flight. Items I had already anticipated. I, however, also had to find a way to pay for the week in Thailand I decided to add to my trip. I used the money I had saved using Digit and essentially used money I didn’t count on.

Spectra - Light show at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore January 2018 Spectra – Light Show at Marina Bay Sands

This is probably one of my favorite apps, but funny enough, I was weird about sharing it with others simply because money makes me weird. I did however, share it with my sister who decided to share it with my boyfriend and her friends and who have since shared it with other people.

I encourage you to check it out and leave a comment if you have any other methods that you find are an easy way to save.



Photo Credit: Canva

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  1. Robert Acosta says:

    This is great!! I’ve been looking for a good app that does it for me. Ima check it out. 😉😁

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