Make the Choice

Phuket, Thailand January 2018

Deciding on your next adventure can be a difficult one. Especially if it is your first time traveling to that country or maybe the first time traveling on your own. However, before you can decide where to go you have to make the choice to go. Looking back on my previous travels, I realized that many of the places I have traveled to were a result of simply saying yes when the opportunity arose. I have traveled with school, to visit friends, with educational programs and even joined my boyfriend on a work trip to Nashville. The opportunities where there – I just had to make the decision to go.

Phuket, Thailand January 2018 Photo Credit: Hector Echeverria

Making the decision to travel or pursue anything that makes you happy has to be a conscious choice. It is easy to fall into the routine of life and focus on the day to day events that affect our lives. Traveling does not become a part of that routine unless we make the decision to make it a priority.

Jump on the next opportunity you get to leave your town. Even if it’s just for a weekend, a change of scenery never hurts.

One of my favorite ways to get out of town is to go to a concert. It’s a short drive or flight over and gives you a chance to spend the day exploring a new city. When it comes to foreign destinations my favorite way to pick where to go is by looking at all of the breathtaking photos I have come across and saved throughout the years. Why see something in pictures when you can see it in person?

If traveling is truly one of your passions, find a way to keep yourself excited and motivated to go. One of my favorite ways to do this is by having a scratch off map on my wall. Every time I travel I get to scratch of a new country. There is nothing as exciting as being able to add another country to my ongoing list of places I’ve been. I urge you to buy one of these for yourselves. They’re fun and an easy way to track the places you’ve been. If traveling isn’t your passion in life, find a way to track what it is you’re passionate about. It’s not about holding yourself accountable, but about giving yourself something to look forward to.

Follow me so I can share my stories and ideas with you and please leave a comment if you have any awesome ways you keep track of your travel adventures.

Phuket, Thailand January 2018

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