Why I Travel

The first time I was on a plane I was 2 years old. I don’t think I remember much of that trip but I have heard enough stories from multiple people to have what feels like a memory of those six months in Mexico City.  I didn’t go back to Mexico until I was 9 years old and it didn’t take long before it felt like home. I continued to go every year, I was actually there a couple of weekends ago, and spend weeks sometimes months at a time. I never thought much about this experience and figured it was just part of having immigrant parents. You get two homes for the price of one.  I never realized how much this experience shaped who I am and the way I view the world. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I ‘traveled’ for the first time. I was given the opportunity to travel to Europe and had an experience that would change my life – or so I thought. Once I got older and was able to see more of the world I realized it was that first experience in Mexico and the many that came after that made me crave other cultures.

I am happiest when I am in the world experiencing new places for the first time.  I have known this truth for a while but it was the last 90 days and the four countries I never imagined I would visit that I realized these experiences are possible. Prior to my last trip, I always loved traveling but I realized I, almost subconsciously, only had interest in going to certain places. There were other areas of the world that did not capture my interest nor did I feel a need to experience. I have never been so pleased to be wrong. What is so incredible about traveling is that you learn something new every place you go and no experience is like the last. You learn lessons that make you a better person and open your eyes to things you weren’t even aware were out of your sight. The more I travel the more I need to do it.

So how do I make it happen? That part I am still figuring it out, but I find that if I want new things, whether they are materialistic or intangible there needs to be room and maybe a game plan or two. I will start by refocusing myself to be more about the experience and less about material. In the blog I will be looking at how to declutter my life and become more organized and focus on the things that make travelling possible: finances; not to mention the best places to go and the best places to eat. And because finances are important, I will also focus on how to make traveling more attainable. So that will be my focus as you continue to read my stories, ideas and essentially anything related to making traveling possible. I hope you enjoy!

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher


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  1. Sean Monahan says:

    I love to travel as well. Experiencing different cultures can teach us not only more about others, but ourselves as well. Great post, looking forward to your tips on frugal ways to travel!

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